Cruise ship season sails in at Port of Tallinn ({{commentsTotal}})

Tallinn saw the start of the cruise season today, with a projected run until October 17, as the first ship of the season, Costa Pacifica docked at Old City Harbour, with nearly 3,000 passengers from 39 countries on board.

According to Port of Tallinn CEO Ain Kaljurand, the current cruise season will bring more than 280 cruise ships to Tallinn, with half a million travelers expected to become acquainted with the Estonian capital.

The Port of Tallinn also functions as a turnaround port this season, serving as the starting and end point of various cruise lines.

In 2014, Tallinn hosted 302 cruise ships with a total of 479,000 passengers - down from 525,775 travelers in 2013, according to Tallinn City Government.

In May last year, the port unveiled a new 9.34 million euro cruise quay, allowing for the mooring of ships up to 340 meters in length, seeking to increase the city's attractiveness for cruise operators.

The value of services and goods consumed by cruise tourists in Tallinn was estimated at 56.7 euros per individual in 2014, with current projections of nearly half a million cruise travelers amounting to a 30 million euro boost to the local economy.

Editor: A. Kaer