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Estonians are most attached to the Rescue Board, the Republic of Estonia, and the Police and Border Guard Board, a survey shows.

Idea Group and Havas Media have, for the second time, undertaken a Meaningful Brands survey in the Baltic countries, showing how our quality of life and well-being connects with brands - both at human and business level.

The top five global performers for 2015 are Samsung, Google, Nestle, Bimbo and Sony. Estonians, however, are much more attached to public services. Of global brands, only Google made it to Estonia's top 10, Delfi reports.

Top 10 most meaningful brands in Estonia

1. Estonian Rescue Board
2. Republic of Estonian
3. Police and Border Guard Board
4. Google
5. University of Tartu
6. ERR
7. Estonian Health Insurance Fund
8. Estonian Government
9. Kalev
10. Rakvere Meat Processing Plant

In Estonia, Idea Group studied the perceptions of 200 brands known to local consumers. The sample was 3,500 people.

Globally the survey involved 1,000 brands and 300,000 respondents from 34 countries. The results also reveal that most people do not care if 74 percent of the brands disappeared, and in Western Europe, only 7 percent are believed to improve our quality of life and well-being.

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