Estonian universities attract growing number of Nigerian students ({{commentsTotal}})

The number of African students in Estonia has increased significantly within the last couple of years.

Estonian universities say that the number of Africans who have approached them with enquiries about study opportunities in the country, has gone up substantially, Estonian daily Postimees reported.

There are now almost 100 Nigerian students in Estonia, compared to just one in 2009. However, many more have applied. For example, Tallinn University alone received applications from almost 100 Nigerian citizens last year, of whom 14 were accepted. Similarly, 70 Cameroon students wanted to study in Estonia, but only 18 were admitted.

According to Estonian Education Information System (EHIS), as of 2014, 1,067 foreign students were enrolled at the Tallinn University of Technology and 580 students at the University of Tartu.

In 2013, the Estonian Parliament approved amendments to the Aliens Act, making it easier for foreign students to come to Estonia and also find work here - they can enter the country with a short-term visa and submit an application for a temporary residence permit while already in the country.

Editor: S. Tambur