Volunteers help over 19,000 migrating frogs cross the road ({{commentsTotal}})

During this year's "Konnad teel(t)" (Roads with(out) frogs) campaign, volunteers saved a total of 19,185 frogs, toads and newts migrating to their breeding grounds, from being run over by motorists.

The nationwide project took place for the fourth time and has over the years contributed to the successful migration of over 63,000 amphibians. The number of rescued frogs increases every year as more volunteers get on board. This year, action was taken in 24 locations across the country in two larger waves, the Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF) reports.

The largest number of frogs - close to 4,000 - were saved near Lake Võrtsjärv and in Harju County's Tammiku village.

The migration paths of toads and frogs often intersect with busy roads. The amphibians, and so the volunteers, are most active in the dusk. The latter gently deposit the amphibians into buckets and take them safely across the roads to allow them to continue to spawning sites. In addition, volunteers are erecting frog fences and tunnels, and raising awareness about different species of amphibians, their habits and migration routes.

ELF is also holding a photo competition in connection with the campaign. You can see and assess all 142 entries here.

Editor: M. Oll