Estonian bomb shelter survives NATO blast ({{commentsTotal}})

The unique bomb shelter manufactured by Estonian defense company Terramil has been tested out by US forces, currently on a training mission to the country.

The troops fired shells towards the shelter and placed charges on top, as well as on the sides, in Tapa military training base and it survived the blasts.

The Terramil's mobile bomb shelter, called Sub Safe U1, is made of polyethylene – the common plastic. It is UV, acid, soil and weather proof and will endure extreme temperatures, being usable in temperatures from -50 to +80 ˚C.

The six meters long shelter is module-based, which means that multiple modules, each accommodating up to 12 people, could be connected together if needed, forming a kind of underground settlement. There are also various accessories available: toilet, sink, medications cupboard, various filters and ventilation solutions, electricity and server points.

Designed to resist attacks against the effects of 155mm shell, a common NATO-standard artillery calibre, the shelter could also withstand a nuclear attack, if it's 40-50 meters underground, according to the maker.

The price of one 12-bunk, moderately equipped bomb shelter is about 18,000 euros.

Editor: S. Tambur

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