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Last week Kristiina Ojuland, a woman with peroxide blond hair, a former foreign minister and former member of the European Parliament, made some interesting comments on her official Facebook page. I can't be bothered to repeat what she said but it was along the lines of: “Blah blah blah Negros blah blah threat to the white race, blah blah blah”.

As one of only a handful of “Negro” public figures in Estonia, I thought it best not to comment, but then someone persuaded me it might be a good idea. Ojuland - who I will from now on refer to as "the blonde" since race is obviously important to her - is used to being in the public eye. Among her achievements, she has appeared on Estonia's version of Dancing with the Stars. She is also famous for her wide collection of designer handbags. The peroxide blonde is a pretty good example of why Estonia doesn't need career politicians. The blonde has spent her life in politics and has lived a lifestyle in line with that income.

Until last year she was a member of the European Parliament, that's where the real money is. Now she has been thrown out of the European Parliament, out of the Reform Party for vote rigging, and out of paid employment altogether. I don't know the blonde's personal circumstances, she has a wealthy husband, but people tend to spend what they earn. The blonde certainly has a nice house with mortgage, she certainly has other expensive outgoing, holidays, trips to the hairdresser, a wardrobe, and of course the handbags, all of this must be eating into her savings. When a person with a good salary suddenly becomes unemployed and unemployable, they get desperate. Just how desperate is the blonde?

At the last general election the blonde as leader of the Party of People's Unity got 273 votes. To put that in context, Taavi Rõivas, the prime minister, got over 15,000 votes in his district. No one takes the blonde seriously. Her comments won't get her what she wants - a well paid job. Someone who is white nationalist minded already has The Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) to turn to. She is probably thinking about joining them.

The question is will they take her. First she has to convince them that she has the support of white nationalistic-minded people. With 273 votes, that's a stretch. The irony is those people, who like the blonde, think it's a bad idea for Estonia to take hundreds of asylum-seekers, are not wrong in their conclusions. They are just wrong in their analysis of the problem and in the emotive language they use. Estonia doesn't have the resources to take this many unskilled people and, as readers are aware, it is very difficult to blend into Estonian society even if you look like everybody else. But at least asylum-seekers - if they come - can do agricultural laboring work. The person who is having real trouble finding a place in Estonian society, who can´t get a job, is "the blonde".

Editor: S. Tambur

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