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Today begins the four-day festival Treff that brings together 23 international visual theatre productions from around the world.

On the opening day, shows from France, Spain, Finland, United Kingdom and Estonia are performed. The festival opening ceremony is held at Von Krahl Theatre at 22:30 in the evening.

The festival will be headlined by Double Exposure, a collaborative production between Finnish and South Korean artists who use shadow theatre, modern circus, puppetry and dance to tell a compelling story on plastic surgery. Double Exposure will perform on June 6 in Vene theater.

The festival caters to all age groups, with both children and adult programs offering quality productions. The festival also hosts club nights at Von Krahl, which feature local Balkan rhythm band Baltistan Orchestra, Israeli actress and singer Yael Rasooly, as well as local DJs and surprise performers.

However, theater fans should hurry as some weekend shows are already sold out. Tickets can be bought at the festival centre in NUKU theater on Lai street 1 in the Old Town, or at Piletilevi system online and ticket booths.

All shows at the festival are either subtitled, in English or with very little spoken text. The venues for the shows are Vene Theater, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Von Krahl Theater, Vaba Lava, NO99 Theater, National Library Theater Hall, the parking lot of Gustav Adolf Gymnasium in the Old Town, Patarei sea fort/prison and NUKU Theater. In NUKU museum, a special exhibition called "Trefology" is shown from June 4-7.

Treff Festival is organised for the ninth time by NUKU theatre and museum. This May, the European Festival Association gave Treff the quality mark of EFFE Label 2015-2016.

View the full program here.

Editor: M. Oll

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