Estonia planning 1,172 boundary markers on eastern border ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonia is planning to erect 760 border posts and 412 floating markers on the temporary control line between Estonia and Russia.

The aim is to better inform the public about the border and reduce border violations. The posts are over 2 meters high and display the Estonian coat of arms.

The bill for the project has been drawn up and is currently circulating government ministries and has been sent to the Police and Border Guard Board for comments. It will then need government approval.

If approved, project should be complete by 2017 and cost around 2.5 million euros.

The bill is part of a 79-million-euro revamp of the eastern border, although the two nations are yet to finalize a border treaty. The treaty was signed at the beginning of 2014, but has not been ratified yet. Estonian politicians have said that they are ready to proceed, but Russian officials have been slower, although minor steps have been taken by the Russian side in recent months.

Editor: J.M. Laats