RAF Typhoons intercept two Russian planes over the Baltic Sea ({{commentsTotal}})

Two Russian aircraft were intercepted over the Baltic Sea today by RAF Typhoons based in Estonia as part of the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission.

The jets were scrambled this morning from Ämari Air base to intercept the unknown aircraft which were flying without having filed flight plans, said the Royal Air Force.

The mystery planes were identified as being a 11-20M Coot A surveillance aircraft and the second was seen to be a An-26 Curl transport plane flying north from Kaliningrad.

They were first scrambled to attend the surveillance plane, but while in the air pilots were told about the second plane.

Detachment Commander, Wing Commander Stu Smiley said: “As we enter our second month of policing the Baltic airspace, this is the fourth intercept tasking we have had. It’s much as expected.”

Flight Lieutenant Paul “Griff” Griffin summed it up and said: “It’s a bit like waiting for a bus. You wait so long and then two turn up at once. But we are trained to do that.”

Editor: H. Wright, S. Tambur