Two cup games net 50 goals ({{commentsTotal}})

Two Estonian football cup games resulted in a combined 50-0 win for two top league teams playing against lower league opponents.

FC Infonet, currently fifth in the top league, faced Virtsu Jalgpalliklubi, a non-league club plying its trade in a Sunday league, and ran out a record 36-0 winners, 11 more goals than the previous record.

Infonet wasted little time, taking the lead on the first minute and by the fifth minute, the score was already 3-0. The first half ended 13-0. Not satisfied with the score, Infonet stepped up a gear in the second half to score 23 more.

Only the goalkeeper failed to score for Infonet while Trevor Elhi reached double figures. Around half of Infonet's team began the last league game, a drab 2-1 win against Tartu Tammeka.

Narva Trans, sixth in the top league, beat third league side Eestimaa Kasakad 14-0.

Editor: J.M. Laats