Russian defense ministry promises 'adequate response' to US weapons storage ({{commentsTotal}})

Although the Russian government has not officially reacted to unconfirmed plans to store US heavy weapons in the Baltic states and Eastern European nations, the country's Defense Ministry said it will be forced to strengthen its forces in border areas.

A spokesman for the Kremlin said they will not comment on the plan, as nothing official has been decided. The New York Times said on Saturday that the US is planning to preposition weapons, including battle tanks, for 5,000 soldiers in the Baltics and Eastern Europe. Estonian Defense Minister Sven Mikser said the plan now only needs the approval of top US politicians.

General Yuri Yakubov, a spokesman for Russia's defense ministry, said the plan is the most aggressive step by NATO since the end of the Cold War.

He said Russia will reinforce the whole perimeter of the nation's western border with more tanks, artillery and aircraft. Russia could also beef up defenses in Kaliningrad and its troops stationed in Belarus.

Editor: J.M. Laats