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Due to many roadworks taking place in Tallinn, there will be changes made to the city's public transport. Below is the list of changes to take into account when commuting in the capital this summer.

The bus terminal in Viru Keskus is closed for repairs from July 25 – August 25. Buses 1A, 8, 14E, 29, 34A, 40 and 48A will leave from Hobujaama street instead, while services 15, 19, 35, 44 and 51 will stop on Laikmaa street, just in front of the terminal building.

Due to track repairs, trams 1 and 3 will not run from July 1-21. As lines 2 and 4 have already been suspended, there are no trams running in the city in this period.

The route of replacement bus number 42 will be extended to Kopli as a result. The bus will stop in bus stops located close to the tracks, as well as in temporary stops.

In July, public transport will not stop in the A. Laikmaa bus stop on A. Laikmaa street and in Tornimäe stops on Rävala street. Additionally, the outbound Volta stop on Kopli street will be scrapped in that period.

Because of scheduled road closures, buses 20 and 20a will take an alternative route via Pärnu mnt. and Tammsaare road when leaving the city center from June 25 – July 19. Both services will make an extra stop in Mars bus stop on Tondi street.

Bus number 45 will also follow an alternative route on its way to Väike-Õismäe, via Järvevana, Veerenni, Tehnika, Vana-Lõuna, Vineeri and Pärnu streets.

An operative list of ongoing roadworks in Tallinn (in Estonian, with maps) is available here.

Editor: M. Oll