President, PM sport yellow ribbons in support of Eston Kohver ({{commentsTotal}})

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas and a number of other top level Estonian politicians and officials wore a yellow ribbon on Tuesday's Victory Day events in Kärdla in support of abducted security official Eston Kohver.

The family of the kidnapped Estonian security official Eston Kohver are not alone in the fight to free him, PM Rõivas said in his Victory Day speech.

“We also keep those in our hearts, who must spend today's celebration away from their families and loved ones. You might have noticed the yellow ribbon on our jackets. We are wearing it to support our fellow countryman Eston Kohver, and in hope that justice will one day prevail. And to say to Eston's family and coworkers that they are not alone in the fight,” Rõivas said.

In the leadup to the event, President Ilves had also announced his intention to wear the ribbon, saying how for him it symbolizes hope of a reunion.

Rõivas also said in his Victory Day speech that the celebrations are being held on the island of Hiiumaa for the first time and this “is a sign that the defense of Estonia is resolute in every corner of Estonia – in Kärdla, Narva, in the village of Mäetaguse. And in every Estonian family.” He added that those serving on foreign mission and Allies serving in Estonia should also be thanked on this day.

On June 23 1919, what is now called Victory Day, Estonian forces won a crucial battle against Baltic German forces in the War of Independence.

Editor: J.M. Laats, M. Oll