Free Party popularity down to coalition mistakes, says Herkel ({{commentsTotal}})

Free Party Chairman Andres Herkel said the party's rise in monthly ratings, which has seen it pass all governing parties, is down to mistakes made by the coalition.

“I do not agree with those hallucinatory commentators who say the Free Party is popular without actually doing anything. We have worked our socks off! We worked before the elections, during the elections and also now. Despite the small size of our faction, we have been very active in Parliament,” Herkel said.

Voters are looking elsewhere due to the misleading policy of the so called cartel parties, he said, adding that the manner which the new tax policy was pushed through in Parliament is one example. “Many sensible and smart people arrive at their political choices by ruling out parties, looking for the best of the worst, not the greatest good,” Herkel said.

According to the latest TNS Emor polls, the Center Party, with 26 percent, continues to be the nation's most popular party, followed by the Free Party on 19 percent. The Reform Party, which won the March 1 elections, is on 18 percent, followed by the Social Democrats (16 percent), EKRE (9) and IRL (8).

Editor: J.M. Laats