Russia continues repatriation program ({{commentsTotal}})

The Russian Federation is continuing its drive to bring ethnic Russians back to the country. On Monday, it held an event in Tallinn, introducing the few dozen who turned up employment opportunities in the Voronezh Oblast, just east from Ukraine.

Those willing to move to the region will receive free accommodation in a hostel and 16,500 rubles or 260 euros in cash. Those settling in rural areas receive 800 euros.

Juri Bai, head of Voronezh's employment office, said there are trendier regions in Russia, but they have had many people from Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan moving there.

One participant said she is interested as she is active in agriculture and Estonian soil is not fertile enough. Another said he wants to move to Russia, but the regions he has looked into require a lot of paperwork or are far away.

Russia, through its embassies, has organized such events since 2009. Bai said they have received 15 applications from Estonia since the beginning of the year and so far, 12 people have moved from Estonia to Voronezh.

Editor: J.M. Laats