Rõivas: Estonia could admit 150-200 refugees ({{commentsTotal}})

Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas told ERR that Estonia is likely to resettle up to 200 Mediterranean migrants within next two years.

According to Rõivas, the country can handle this number. “Currently, approximately 7,000 people per year immigrate to Estonia, out of which 3,000 come from outside the European Union. If you put that into context, then few hundred displaced persons should certainly not initiate racist tendencies in the society. The refugees come from a very difficult social situation – they have lost family members in a war, or are in constant danger of being persecuted. We are going to help these people,” the prime minister said.

Rõivas clearly rejected the misconception that the refugees would have special benefits or enjoy free ride in Estonia. “People who come to Estonia, have to find work, we don't wish to see them living on benefits. We will help them to integrate – they will learn Estonian and find jobs,” he said.

Editor: S. Tambur

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