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Mari Kalkun

The summer is full of events and concerts in Estonia. If you are visiting the country and only have a limited time, then culture.ee has made it easier to choose one by listing a number of must-attend events.

July 19 – The final concert of the Pärnu Music Festival

The Pärnu festival orchestra performance unites young Estonian and foreign musicians, who have come together at the Järvi Academy. The program includes Arvo Pärt, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Dmitry Shoshtakovich. Conductor Paavo Järvi, has dedicated a lot of his career to the latter two, as well as introducing Estonian composers in the world. The concert will also feature soloist Khatia Buniatishvili, a pianist from Georgia, who recently performed with Paavo Järvi and the Orchestre de Paris in the new concert hall of the Paris Philharmonics.

July 24 and July 26 – Mari Kalkun at Viljandi Folk

Even those who feel they are not quite the target audience of the Viljandi Folk Music Festival, may wish to attend just one concert – that of Mari Kalkun and Runorun. Mari Kalkun’s warm voice and stage presence bring old folklore closer, Runorun will add a new nuance. The composition of Finnish and Estonian zithers (kannel), double bass in its jazzy softness and drums is both meek and wild at the same time. Kalkun sings mostly in the Võru dialect, but also in the extinct Livonian and Votic languages.

August 7-12 – Nativity Words at the Noblessner Foundry, the performance made for Veljo Tormis’ music

Here come the best of the best: Tõnu Kaljuste, the Estonian National Male Choir, the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, the Von Krahl Theatre, and Peeter Jalakas. This could be another historic event, as was the performance of Tormis’ "Estonian Ballads" in 2004.

August 14-16 – Pühalepa Music Festival in Hiiumaa

A special focus of the festival, which includes some top performers in the country, is on the music of internationally renown composer Erkki-Sven Tüür. The concerts are held at Pühalepa church, a venue with excellent acoustics. The program is not complete yet, but it’s worth keeping an eye on. Tüür’s music intrigues you until you will love it. Tüür on his home island – also intriguing.

September 2-11 – Pärt Days concerts

The Pärt Days concerts will be held in Tallinn, Rakvere, Paide and Tartu in the beginning of September, and on September 26 in Riga. The program is appetizing throughout but it might just be worth choosing a somewhat lesser-known work in a smaller venue, like St. Nicholas Church or St. Olaf’s Church in Tallinn, or town.

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Editor: S. Tambur

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