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The Mary Magdalene congregation of Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church (EELK) is today signing a contract with the City of Tallinn to build a new church in Mustamäe district, southwestern Tallinn.

The contract is signed by the heads of EELK, Urmas Viilma, and Mustamäe district, Helle Kalda, at noon.

The Mustamäe Mary Magdalene's Church will be located on Kiili street.

With over 60,000 inhabitants, Mustamäe is one of the most populous districts of Tallinn. "Because most of the Mustamäe is built during the Soviet occupation, when Christianity and all non-communistic movements where disfavored or banned, there are no churches in this area," EELK explained its decision to build a new church in the area.

The Mary Magdalene congregation, officially recognized only in November 2010, currently resides in rented premises in the cellar of Mustamäe District Administration.

EELK received planning permission in 2012 and an architectural contest was held in 2013. The winning project – "FIAT LUX" ("Let there be light") by KARISMA architects Martin Kinks, Risto Parve, Kai Süda, Margit Valma and Mait Väljas – was chosen from 31 entries.

Mustamäe Mary Magdalene's Church project (Photo: KARISMA architects).

Mustamäe Mary Magdalene's Church project (Photo: KARISMA architects).

The new church is designed to encompass a church hall, rooms for childcare and youth support services, different activity rooms that could be used for spiritual counselling and diaconal work, church kitchen and other auxiliary rooms. The church hall will also be used for concerts and other rooms for seminars and workshops.

Mustamäe Mary Magdalene's Church project - view of the church hall (Photo: KARISMA architects).

The church will be built with the help of donations.

Editor: M. Oll

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