Bahovski: Greece made a return from a parallel universe ({{commentsTotal}})

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras accepting EU conditions means the country has returned to Earth, head of the Diplomaatia magazine Erkki Bahovski said, adding that for Greece, everything can change in a day.

Bahovski told ERR that Greece saw that there was no money and had to return from a parallel universe.

“The behavior of the people and the general situation may have led Greek government to understand that there is no other option,” he said.

The decision to play ball increases the country's internal stability. Bahovski said the situation has changed dramatically in the past week and it is hard to predict how it will develop.

“It seems the EU is playing the waiting game. There have been rumors of Sunday's referendum being canceled. If that is the case much may change and the EU may be more accommodating,” he said, adding that if Tsipras plays with the idea of the referendum like that, Greek voters may change their opinion of him.

Bahovski said any bailout conditions must also be approved by the country's parliament.

Fresh media reports suggest Tsipras told EU leaders he is ready to accept most of the conditions proposed by creditors on June 28.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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