Russian prosecution now asked to investigate legality of Soviet Union ({{commentsTotal}})

A few days after the Russian prosecution began an investigation whether granting the Baltic states independence in 1991 had a legal basis, a Russian citizen has asked the prosecution to look into the legality of the founding of the Soviet Union.

The prosecution's recent decision on Crimea, which it said was illegally transferred to Ukraine in 1954, has opened up many legal investigation requests, including one initiated by two ruling United Russia MPs, who asked if the Baltic states had the legal right be allowed to leave the Soviet Union in 1991.

Although the investigation is ongoing, the prosecution said that the case has no legal prospect.

The new request, yet to be considered by the prosecution, focuses on the Russian Constituent Assembly, which was democratically elected after the October Revolution in 1917. The request says the body was elected democratically but disbanded by force, reported.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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