Tallinn-St. Petersburg-Moscow train back on tracks ({{commentsTotal}})

The Tallinn-St.Petersburg and Tallinn-Moscow train services, which were terminated in May due to decrease in passenger numbers, have been relaunched as a single Tallinn-St.Petersburg-Moscow route.

The first train from Russia arrives at Tallinn today at 13:38.

This time the trains are owned by the Russian company FBK, a subsidiary of Russian Railways, but Estonia's GoRail will coordinate ticket sales in this side of the border.

The journey from Tallinn to Moscow will last 18 hours, and a return leg 16 hours, both with a stopover in St. Petersburg.

The daily service from Tallinn leaves at 15:20 and arrives at St.Petersburg at 23:07 and at Moscow at 09:32.

The service from Moscow departs at 23:00 and arrives at Tallinn at 13:38 the next day.

Editor: M. Oll