Enterprise Estonia looking to promote e-residency in US ({{commentsTotal}})

The Information Systems Authority is looking for a PR partner to introduce Estonia's e-residency project in the US.

The campaign, set to launch in spring 2016 and the first of its kind, aims to promote e-residency through the main media channels in the US. The total cost of the pilot campaign is estimated at around 160,000 euros. The money will come from EU structural funds.

If successful, it will be replicated in other markets all over the world.

The e-residency initiative was launched in December 2014 and for nearly two months now, those interested in accessing Estonia's digital services, have been able to apply for their personal e-resident's ID-card online.

Out of around 3,500 applicants from 101 countries, e-residency has been so far granted to 2,000. The majority of the new e-residents are Finnish citizens.

Editor: M. Oll