NATO to open rapid reaction force Baltic HQ in Vilnius ({{commentsTotal}})

The Lithuanian capital will host one of NATO’s prepositioned headquarters which will facilitate deployment of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) and additional rapid response elements in the Baltic region.

The new HQ will operate as an intermediate unit facilitating interoperability among national and NATO forces, i.e. contribute to defense planning, allied training and exercises, and liaison with NATO’s operational headquarters.

The multinational unit in Vilnius will comprise roughly 40 military personnel, half of them Lithuanian officers and the other half military personnel assigned by allied nations.

The unit will be set up as part of the plan agreed at the NATO summit in Wales last September. Readiness Action Plan (RAP) will see regional NATO units established in the Baltic states, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, designed to maintain the alliance’s responsiveness to the rapidly changing security situation, if needed.

Editor: S. Tambur