Kohver saga continues to drag out, case moved back to Pskov ({{commentsTotal}})

The case around the kidnapped Estonian security official Eston Kohver has been moved back from Moscow to Pskov, near the Estonian border, after a reverse move at the beginning of June.

The court in Pskov told ETV the case has been returned to them, adding that they do not know when hearings will begin again.

The Pskov court sent the case back to Moscow at the beginning of June, saying additional procedures were needed, although not adding what those procedures are exactly. Kohver was also expected to be taken back to Moscow, which has far better prison facilities, but was left in a Pskov prison.

Kohver was taken from Estonian soil ten months ago, and is accused by Russian authorities of smuggling, espionage, illegal border crossing and for possession of illegal arms. Estonia has always maintained that Kohver was in Estonia at the time of the arrest, perpetrates by armed Russian security workers, but Russia said he was arrested on its soil, near Pskov. Kohver's state-appointed defense has said it will appeal for a minimum sentence, which is 10 years.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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