Freedom Square driver jailed for DUI offenses ({{commentsTotal}})

Villu Leegen, who drove his Land Cruiser down the Harju Hill stairs, next to the War of Independence Victory Column on the Freedom Square in 2013, received a two-year sentence for new traffic violations.

Leegen was caught by police twice in the space of three days in October last year driving under the influence of alcohol. The 46-year-old heavily intoxicated both times, Delfi reported.

Two years real jail time was what the prosecution had asked for, but Leegen can appeal the sentence made by the Harju County Court today. He admitted to only one of the two offenses.

In November 2013, Leegen drove down the the stairs while drunk, he was captured 100 meters later after his car was blocked. His drivers license had been revoked at the time for a previous DUI (driving under the influence) conviction. He was jailed for nine months for the episode.

Editor: J.M. Laats