Russian Parliament to discuss border treaty ratification in November ({{commentsTotal}})

The State Duma of Russian Federation will continue to proceed with Estonia-Russia border treaty ratification process in November.

Estonian and Russian foreign ministers signed the much-awaited border treaty in Moscow in February last year, but both Parliaments are yet to ratify the document. Since the Crimean annexation by Russian Federation and the Ukraine war, the ratification process has stalled.

The treaty regulates the border between the two nations. Both sides relinquish territorial claims against the other state. The treaty will also see 128.6 hectares of land, roughly the size of Tallinn's Old Town, and 11.4 square kilometers of lakes, swapped.

The Estonian Parliament has already passed the first reading of the bill, but chose to wait for similar steps from Russia, before moving forward. Estonia has said it will only ratify the treaty once Russia has also got that far.

Editor: S. Tambur

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