Estonia sends arms to Iraq for ISIS fight ({{commentsTotal}})

Last week, Estonia sent light weapons and ammunition to Iraq to aid the state in its fight against Islamic extremists.

Answering a plea for help, the Estonia government decided to send old Soviet-era weapons to Iraq. The weapons are not in line with NATO standards and cannot be used by Estonian forces.

The shipment includes twelve 120 millimeter mortars, 140 RPD light machine guns, 66 AK-56 assault rifles guns, 44 AKMS assault rifles and 230 TT hand guns, and 21,000 rounds of ammunition.

This is not the first case of Estonian weapons aid to Iraq. Last year Estonia sent over one million rounds of 7.62 millimeter ammo to the country, and in 2005, Estonia sent 2,400 AK-56 assault rifles with 2.4 million bullets.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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