Two top restaurants rake in €350,000 profits ({{commentsTotal}})

A company which owns Noa and Oko, both in the Estonian top 10 by best restaurant rankings, earned 350,000 euros in profit last year, quadrupling turn-over to 2.7 million euros compared to 2013.

The company, owned by Martti Siimann, Tõnis Siigur and Marko Zukker, increased turn-over and doubled profits after opening Noa in March of 2014, Äripäev reported. The restaurant was quickly voted the best in Estonia last year, Oko came seventh.

The three men said the volatile economy and the decrease in the number of Russian tourists are the greatest business risks in the restaurant game, but they are geared towards the internal market and have now opened a third restaurant. All three are in the Pirita-Viimsi area in east Tallinn and just outside the city – an area known as Estonia's most opulent.

Editor: J.M. Laats