Estonia's largest beach volleyball center to be opened ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonia's biggest beach volleyball center, Credit24 Arena, will open in August this year in Tallinn, just in time for summer to set in.

“The Credit24 Arena will offer great conditions for serious training or for just playing with friends,” said Kerttu Vesik, the head of Selver Tallinn, which owns the center.

Vesik said the courts will also have seats for spectators. The center will have eight courts and is located in the Mustamäe district of Tallinn, not on the shore.

The center will continue development before the 2016 season with upgrades to other facilities, such as washing rooms, planned.

Despite the less than friendly climate, Estonia has sent two beach volleyball teams to the Olympic games. Avo Keel and Kaido Kreen competed in 1996, and Kristjan Kais and Rivo Vesik in 2008.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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