Driver who killed 3 was heavily drunk and driving over 100 km/h ({{commentsTotal}})

A 23-year-old man, named Randy, who killed himself and three friends, including two 15-year-old girls, in car accident that took place last week, had a blood alcohol level of 2.21 per mil, an examination found.

Kristina Kostina, a spokesman for the Southern District Prosecutor's Office, told ERR that the driver and his friend, also 23, were heavily intoxicated. The friend had a blood alcohol level of 1.28 per mil. Two two girls in the back seats were both sober.

Toomas Liiva, the prosecutor investigating the case, said the speed of the vehicle was more than the limit on that stretch of road, and was likely to have far exceeded 100 kilometers per hour.

Their friend, who was driving a second car – the group of friends were driving in two vehicles – said they were first in front, but Randy drove past them about 1 kilometer before the crash. According to her, the drunk-driver was driving very quickly and the vehicle seemed unstable.

A third car, traveling the other direction, passed Randy shortly before the crash, but Liiva said that car did not change the cause of events.

Randy, driving an aged Audi A6, swerved off the road 200 meters after a curve and hit a tree on Tuesday, August 4. All inside died immediately.

The driver had a long list of offenses, including DUI and speeding charges. He was banned from driving for a similar offense at the time of the crash.

Editor: J.M. Laats