Kyiv: 8,000 security workers have switched sides ({{commentsTotal}})

Eastern Ukraine, close to the front line
Eastern Ukraine, close to the front line Source: (Kirill Krabu, Artur Aukon/ERR)

Around 5,000 internal security workers, such as police, and 3,000 soldiers have gone over to the Kremlin side, including to the annexed Crimea, chief prosecutor of the Ukrainian military Anatoly Matios said.

Matios said they have the list of the 8,000 people and are currently gathering evidence. “All data will be gathered under one case, which incorporates launching a military conflict in Ukraine and the armed aggression of the Russian Federation. This is the basis for submitting proof to international institutions,” he said, reported Postimees.

Russia annexed the Crimea peninsular in February and March of 2014, and is widely believed to be supplying separatists in eastern Ukraine with troops, heavy weapons, ammunition and other supplies. Ethnic Russians make up around 20 percent of Ukraine's population.

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