IRL head Tsahkna incorrectly assumes that Sweden has 'no-go zones' ({{commentsTotal}})

Margus Tsahkna, the head of IRL party and Minister of Social Protection, wrote in an opinion article about Sweden's “no-go zones”, only to get Sweden's Police to reject the claim as a misunderstanding.

Tsahkna wrote in an opinion article about preserving Estonian culture in a context where the immigration to Europe is increasing, using Sweden as a negative example.

"The fact that Swedish Police is not allowed to enter certain areas for the sake of their own security, gives a reason to be concerned. Arguments that all this does not pose any threat to us [Estonia], cannot be taken seriously," said Tsahkna in Postimees.

But Postimees asked for a comment from the Swedish Police which said that it's a widely circulated lie.

"It's a misunderstanding that has gained ground in Sweden as well as abroad. It started when one blogger misinterpreted our report," said Stephan Ray from the Swedish Police press department.

Ray said that the police investigated which areas in Sweden have higher crime rates and identified 55 zones where local criminal networks – mainly youth gangs – are considered to have negative impact on the local community.

The report suggested increasing the police presence in those areas, as to improve the trust between the local community and police. The report did not mention Muslims at all.

Editor: S. Tambur