Top Danish dramatists to supervise winners of Estonia 100 drama series idea competition ({{commentsTotal}})

Dramatists Frans Baunsgaard and Steen Bille, who have worked on critically acclaimed Danish TV-series like "Borgen" and "Nikolaj and Julie", will share their experiences and extensive industry know-how with the winners of the Estonia 100 television drama series competition.

Of the 27 projects submitted to the competition, four were awarded a 5000-euro development grant in June.

These chosen few will now take masterclasses from Baunsgaard and Bille from August 25-27, before submitting their final scenarios for evaluation in autumn 2016.

Baunsgaard has 25 years of experience as development manager and drama editor in the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and in several theaters, while Bille has worked for the Danish television and the Danish Film Institute.

The four projects chosen for development are:

"1939" - a political spy thriller about the historical events in Estonia in 1939, where the secret services of Estonia, Russia and Germany will play for the highest stake, the statehood of Estonia. The team behind the project is the same as that of the successful film “1944” – writer Tiit Aleksejev is assisting producer Kristian Taska and director Elmo Nüganen.

“Dharmahäkker” - thriller about people’s identity problems and cyber-Estonia in 2035, when all of a sudden, an Estonian director of a big global company goes missing. The search will lead us through the vision of a future Estonia and its habitants. Produced by Allfilm and Von Krahl Theatre.

“Hansapank” - Eero Epner's drama about the transitional period in the fresh Republic of Estonia in the 1990s, and the rise and fall of the newly established Hansapank. Against the backdrop of the historical events of that time, a human drama unfolds, where the characters have to constantly re-evaluate the currencies as well as their personal values.

“Arabella” - modern twist of a popular children's book by Aino Pervik about a pirate captain's daughter. A series by Kopli Kinokompanii and Lauri Lippmaa.

After submitting the final scenarios on October 31, 2016, one television drama series will be chosen for production and screened within the framework of the Republic of Estonia 100 program.

Editor: M. Oll

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