Tallinn, Tartu universities short on student rooms ({{commentsTotal}})

Although universities in Tartu and Tallinn have all been refurbishing their residence halls, many new students still struggle to secure a room.

After the refurbishment of another student hall, Tallinn University of Technology housing services can now provide accommodation for 2,300 students. But with all rooms already booked, around 150 applicants remain in the waiting list.

Majority of residence halls in Estonia have double rooms. With a limited number of single rooms available, it can take a year or two in the waiting list to obtain one, TUT representative said.

Toomas Henk from Tallinn University said that although their 800 places are enough to satisfy demand, they too struggle with the lack of single rooms. According to him, the university plans to soon convert some of its rather unpopular triple rooms into single rooms.

The University of Tartu (UT) student village has room for up to 3,200 tenants but that too is not nearly enough. UT's accommodation manager Janika Hango said they always have around 300 students in the waiting list.

Editor: M. Oll

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