Kopli €60 million development finally on ({{commentsTotal}})

Tallinn's Kopli distric
Tallinn's Kopli distric Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

After years of failed tenders, Tallinn has sold a notorious 17-hectare plot in northern Tallinn for 1.9 million euros to Fund Ehitus, which will invest around 55-65 million euros in the next 12 years to turn the run-down neighborhood into a modern residential area.

“Finally we are able to draw a line under the sale of the Kopli Liinid,” Tallinn Deputy Mayor Eha Võrk told Postimees, adding that the city has sought a developer for the area for the past eight years.

The developer must renovate the area's infrastructure, including its public beach. The plot comes with planning permission for over 500 apartments and around 40 single-family homes.

The area, known as Kopli Liinid, is located on the Kopli peninsula, running parallel to tram tracks. It is known to most as a haven for drug addicts living in abandoned houses, with regular winter-time house fires and an occasional murder.

Editor: J.M. Laats