Average Estonian taxpayer earned 11,758 euros in 2014 ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Scanpix

An Estonian taxpayer had an average gross income of 11,758 euros last year, it emerges from the data released today by the Tax and Customs Board (MTA). This is 4.8 percent - or 535 euros - more than the year before.

MTA received tax returns forms for 2014 from 666,898 people, who declared 6,7 billion euros of income.

The number of people reporting rent revenue showed an especially significant increase, MTA said, raising from 4,018 people (9.1 million euros) in 2013 to 5,246 (12.5 million euros) in 2014.

The average yearly gross income of people who pay their taxes in Estonia was 11,758 euros, which makes 980 euros per month.

MTA also drew attention to the fact that 564,786 forms - altogether 95 percent (households can submit a joint declaration) - were submitted electronically. The same proportion of people got what they had over-payed back within five working days.

Editor: M. Oll