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Center Party deputy head Kadri Simson called the Social Democrat's decision to stick with the current coalition a comfortable choice, adding that it will make the Reform Party more arrogant.

Simson told Postimees SDE had the opportunity to change Estonia's tax policy, which, according to her, is currently putting the largest burden on those who earn the least.

SDE council voted on Sunday to continue with the current Reform Party-IRL-SDE coalition. SDE minister Urve Palo resigned in protest.

“I find it is unbelievable that the Social Democrat council decided, for the third time, to become the implementer of right-wing policies,” she said, adding that it is high time to break the Reform Party's monopoly on power.

Conservative People's Party head Mart Helme said the decision will allow stagnation in Estonia to continue.

He said the behavior of the social democrats is immature, having joined a coalition unwillingly and criticizing it from the start. “On top of that, a two-months-long extortion campaign followed (Jevgeni) Ossinovski's rise to chairman, and now it turns out that campaign was nothing more than hot air for the media and an ego trip for the party leader,” Helme said.

That bluff was called and from now on SDE is the weakest link in the coalition, Helme said, adding that now everyone knows they do not have the strength to stand for what they believe in.

The Free Party leadership said parties and individuals who have lost confidence should leave the government.

The party said a hierarchy of power is stopping Estonia from tackling a great number of important topics, which need immediate reorganization. “The Free Party supports bold solutions and a government free from the current cartel politics, and is ready to help.”

Editor: J.M. Laats