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Photo: Night of the Ancient Lights was celebrated around the Baltic Sea on Saturday. Author: (Reet Sepp/Minupilt.err.ee)

Week 35 key headlines: a corruption scandal, the Great Wall of Estonia and coalition woes.

On Tuesday, the Police and Border Guard Board accounced it's plan to wall off Russian, by building a 2.5-meter high fence along the Estonian-Russian border.

The tally of porkies slaughtered to curb the spread of the African Swine Fever had risen to 22,000 as of Tuesday. The epidemic still shows no sign of relenting. 

State-owned Port of Tallinn CEO Ain Kaljurand and board member Allan Kiil were detained on Wednesday for taking large bribes, which the prosecution says total in millions of euros.

A popularity poll conducted among 1,200 people living in Estonia found that Marina Kaljurand, the current foreign minister, is the peoples' choice to succeed President Toomas Hendrik Ilves in a year, when his term ends.

A serious traffic incident took place on Tallinn-Narva highway on Friday, leaving one dead and over two dozen people injured.

Around one thousands bonfires were lit on all corners of the Baltic Sea to celebrate the Night of the Ancient Lights on August 29.

On Sunday, the faith of the current government was hanging on a balance as social democrats gathered to decide whether to stay or leave the coalition. In the end, they decided to stay, although Minister of Entrepreneurship Urve Palo gave in her resignation notice shortly before the results of the secret ballot were made public.

IAAF World Championships in Athletics concluded in Beijing on Sunday. For the first time in over a decade, the Estonian team failed to win any medals.

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