Rõivas: It would be easier with Ossinovski in Cabinet ({{commentsTotal}})

Prime Minister and Reform Party Chairman Taavi Rõivas said it would make the government's job easier if the heads of all coalition parties would be in the Cabinet.

When the government came together for the first time in April, Jevgeni Ossinovski did not receive a ministerial position, but was shortly after elected to lead the Social Democrats. On Sunday, one SDE minister resigned and speculation has been rife that Ossinovski will take over, even if it means the number of female ministers would drop to just one.

“There are a great many moments where common decisions are needed and if we have the knowledge that the entire party is behind a decision, that the party chairman is behind a decision, that would certainly make agreements easier,” Rõivas told ETV.

Reform Party and IRL have said they do not see the need for a major ministerial rotation, even if the post on offer, entrepreneurship, is less glamorous than many other ministerial jobs, such as defense, taken by Sven Mikser, the previous SDE head.

“If one or another party wants to swap out minister, then that is their decision. But to open the whole package would create too much instability and confusion,” Rõivas said.

“The goal is a working government. The two-month-long political instability and fighting has now ended and we welcome Jevgeni Ossinovski, as the party chairman, into the government, and the Social Democrats must review their possibilities in their own government delegation,” IRL head Margus Tsahkna said.

Tsahkna was named as social protection minister, also not a super prestigious ministry, before being elected to lead the party. Former IRL chairman Urmas Reinsalu is the justice minister.

Editor: J.M. Laats