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Vallo Vooglaid, the man behind the Foundation for the Protection of Family and Tradition, which fought the cohabitation bill last year, said Estonia's role in the immigration crisis should be to adopt young orphans.

“I believe we should think outside the lines which we have been given," Vooglaid said in ETV on Tuesday evening. "They are these cold socialist schemes where a state takes in people and then begins to located them somewhere. Why can't we go for a humane solution. We should welcome small children and welcome them to our families,” he said, adding that he himself is willing to adopt a child.

“I think there are hundreds of other families in Estonia who are also willing to do this, especially if the state would meet them half way and say that these families would not have to pay social or income tax,” Vooglaid said, adding that this solution would integrate asylum seekers better in to our cultural room.

He said the state should prefer Christian asylum seekers as it would decrease any potential conflict of cultures and it is Christians who are suffering the most.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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