EKRE proposes select committee on Port of Tallinn ({{commentsTotal}})

The Conservative People's Party (EKRE) has proposed to the board of the Parliament to set up a special committee to investigate the Port of Tallinn corruption case.

As corruption has been taking place for a while in the state-owned company, and was not only limited to those currently under arrest, but also concerns politicians, then a Parliament select committee is necessary, the party said on Thursday.

“In the opinion of the Conservative People's Party, the theft scheme is on such a large scale and has been going on so long that it may endanger the functioning of democracy and rule of law. At the same time the party does not support using the crisis as a reason to privatize strategic state enterprises,” the EKRE statement read.

The party said special attention must be paid to the political elite of parties in power during the corruption years.

Two heads of the company were arrested last week for corruption on a grand scale, with some media outlets reporting the sum of four million euros. Many involved, including the two board members, have close ties with the ruling Reform Party, although all ministers and supervisory board members have been quick to deny any wrongdoing themselves.

Editor: J.M. Laats