University of Tartu introduces Mars house at Milan EXPO ({{commentsTotal}})

For the first time, Estonian science is represented at a world's fair. In September, visitors to the world fair can learn about the Mars house, the Learning Layers project and an underwater robot.

In September, the University of Tartu, University of Tallinn and Tallinn University of Technology's expositions will replace the Estonian Academy of Arts and the Estonian University of Life Sciences in the Estonian pavilion’s science nest box.

The University of Tartu is represented at the exhibition with the Mars house which is created for extreme living conditions. Scientists of the Institute of Technology built the house for the international SHEE project where Estonian scientists were responsible for designing the robotics and energy systems of the self-erecting house and building the body of the house.

The Mars house (Photo: Bruno Stuberauch)

In a typical mission scenario, the house can hold two people for at least two weeks. The building has all the necessary rooms and its design resembles a classical house: sleeping area, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and work rooms. In its packed form, the house is a 6 metres long and 2.4 metres wide box which weighs 6,000 kilos and fits on the trailer of a large truck.

The University of Tallinn is at the exhibition with the Learning Layers project which centres on studying at work. The project focuses on the information technology tools that are used daily and software developments which could help us learn at work in a more conscious way and use the new knowledge within the organisation in a more systemised way.

The exhibition of Tallinn University of Technology’s Centre for Biorobotics focuses on the U–CAT, built for the ARROWS project, which is an underwater robot that resembles a turtle. The U-CAT assists underwater archaeologists as it is able to dive to dangerous ship wrecks.

Estonia’s participation at the EXPO world exhibition is organised by Enterprise Estonia. The exhibitions of the science nest box are funded by the Estonian Research Council through the ETRA project from the European Union Regional Development Fund.

The Estonian pavilion is open until October 31 2015 every day from 10:00 to 23:00.

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