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Kidnapped Estonian official Eston Kohver's 15-year-sentence has been finalized after he failed to appeal by today's deadline, Russian authorities said.

Kohver was sentenced on August 19 by a court in Pskov, Russia, to 15 years imprisonment and 1,375 euros in fines for espionage, illegally crossing the nation's border and carrying an illegal firearm.

During the court proceedings, Kohver said he is not guilty.

The Estonian government has always maintained Kohver was captured on Estonian soil and forced across the border, where he was arrested on September 5, 2014. Russia has said Kohver was detained near Pskov, on Russian soil.

Yevgeni Aksyonov, the Russian-state-appointed lawyer of Kohver, said the whole affair will be settled through embassies, “it is no simple criminal case where one person committed a crime against another. We have a special service officer of one country, who stepped on the interests of another country.”

Aksyonov said Estonia's next step to talk to Russian FM Sergey Lavrov is a clear sign as to whom will decide Kohver's fate.

Editor: J.M. Laats