GALLERY: Concert encourages Estonians to be friendlier, more tolerant ({{commentsTotal}})

With society seemingly torn on the subject of minorities, whether sexual or ethnic, those who would like to see Estonia more tolerant and open-minded gathered on Freedom Square to enjoy a free concert, a variety of national cuisines and make the friendly camp more visible.

The open air concert was picked with speeches by renown Estonians, who shared their dreams of Estonia and encouraged people to be more understanding of each other and those from other cultures.

"It is important that intolerance and ignorance have a visible, confident and positive alternative," the organizers explained.

Historian David Vseviov said he fears people are hurting themselves by basing their choices on cliches and predetermined patterns.

On the other side of the square, a small group of people were parading anti-immigration banners. However, most people enjoying the concert said Estonians could be more friendly and accepting. 

"Deep down, I think Estonians are friendly. You just need to dig through to get to the really cool part," one concert-goer told ETV.

Editor: M. Oll