ETV+ bracing against cyber attack ({{commentsTotal}})

A board member of Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) said that the organisation will not rule out attacks against its new Russian-language channel.

Ainar Ruussaar said that ERR has evaluated potential risks with regards to ETV+, the new Russian-language TV-channel that will be launched on September 28.

“ETV+ has sparked contradictory interest even before its program has reached the viewers,” Ruussaar said, adding that there are many technical and editorial risks involved that the ERR will attempt to deal with in advance.

He said that one of the risks is that ETV+ or ERR in large will become a target of a cyber-attack. Another worry is that ERR’s Internet portals will be swamped with offensive and aggressive comments, posted by trolls.

But Ruussaar assured that ERR has prepared itself and will try to minimize risks. “Ultimately, the ETV+ will have to prove itself with a strong program and journalists,” he emphasized.

The Estonian government approved the establishment of Russian-language channel in November 2014, with an aim to reach Estonia's Russian-speaking minority. The channel's budget for 2015 is 2.53 million euros.

Editor: S. Tambur