Most of Estonian population supports assisting poorer countries ({{commentsTotal}})

The results of a survey presented at the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday showed that 74 percent of Estonia's population and 98 percent of opinion leaders think that Estonia should assist poorer and less developed countries. Regionally, Eastern European and African countries were highlighted the most, and among individual countries, Ukraine was mentioned most often.

The survey, conducted by Emor, also revealed that compared to a similar poll from 10 years ago, the percentage of those interested in issues related to world development has risen by 12 percent.

Over the years, awareness has increased substantially: as much as 60 percent of the population was able to highlight keywords regarding development cooperation and humanitarian aid in this year's survey. In 2008, that figure stood at 10 percent.

“We want people to understand and value development cooperation and for everyone to be able to contribute to assisting developing countries and the people living there," the Director General of the Foreign Ministry’s External Economic and Development Cooperation Department Jüri Seilenthal said. "An important part of Estonia's contribution, for example, are opportunities which have been created to facilitate private donations. Continuing advocacy is also important in order to explain why it is necessary to contribute to solving the world’s development problems,” Seilenthal added.

In April and May, 1,000 residents and 50 opinion leaders were interviewed for the survey, the aim of which was to map the awareness and attitudes of the Estonian population and opinion leaders with regard to development cooperation and humanitarian aid. Similar surveys were conducted in 2005 and 2008.

Editor: M. Oll