Pevkur: Estonia will have one of Europe's most modern borders ({{commentsTotal}})

Interior Minister Hanno Pevkur said much has already been done to clear the nation's eastern border, and by Estonia's 100th anniversary, in 2018, Estonia will have one of Europe's most modern borders, guarded by electronic systems and drones.

“It is true that there are stretches where we do not have deals in place with private landowners and right now it is summer, so one cannot go in the marshy areas,” Pevkur said, speaking on ETV on Thursday.

Of the 135 kilometers of the eastern border, 88 kilometers has already been cleared. “We can start erecting border posts, install electronic surveillance and other equipment,” Pevkur said.

He said the government has decided to to bring the entire Russian-Estonian border under electronic surveillance.

Russia should also build up its border, Pevkur said, adding that in some places, there is a four-to-five-meter-high wall of barbed wire, wrapped around trees.

The government has earmarked 20 million euros to build up the border and a further 3.5 million for equipment.

“All preparations have been made so Estonia will have a secure border, which will be Europe's most modern, by the nation's 100th anniversary,” Pevkur said.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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