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Abducted Estonian official Eston Kohver's Russian state-appointed lawyer Yevgeni Aksyonov said he does not know where Kohver currently is, after he was taken to serve his 15-year-sentence from Pskov.

Aksyonov told Delfi lawyers usually do not receive that information, adding that the Estonian authorities, including the embassy should know.

Estonian officials also do not know where Kohver has been taken to.

A consul met him last time on September 1, and Estonian officials are hoping to meet him again at the beginning of next week, as so far, Russia has permitted a consul to meet Kohver once every two weeks.

At the last meeting, the consul described Kohver as being calm, but very moved to hear about the support by Estonia and other nations, he has received.

Kohver was abducted from near the Russian border, from Estonian soil, a little more than a year ago. In August, he received a 15-year prison sentence for alleged espionage, and other charges. Estonia said it will not recognize the trial and the sentence while Russia has maintained Kohver was arrested on Russian soil, near the border.

Editor: J.M. Laats