New ambassador to Moscow: border treaty, Kohver main topics ({{commentsTotal}})

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves has named Arti Hiplus as Estonia's next ambassador to Russia, replacing Jüri Luik, who has returned to take over the International Center for Defense and Security in Tallinn.

Hilpus has worked at the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1996, having been an ambassador to Norway and Iceland since 2009.

“As we know right now, our embassy does no have certain information where he [Eston Kohver] currently is. We, of course, are expecting to be notified as soon as possible on his location, on where he will be taken after the process, so that our embassy's consular section can offer him protection and support within all legal means,” Hilpus said.

“It is clear Estonia must continue to keep the topic afloat and also keep international pressure on, to bring the day closer when Mr. Kohver can be released from prison and return to his homeland. He has not done anything illegal and was only doing his job,” he said.

Editor: J.M. Laats