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Tallinn Marathon broke attendance records, but not only.

The SEB Tallinn Marathon that took place on September 12-13 set a new participation record for marathon (1,823) and half marathon (3,127) distances.

A total of 19,549 people from 49 countries (also a new record) ran or walked distances from 300 meters to a full marathon. Over 2,000 participants from abroad came to Tallinn from as far as the US, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan and New Zealand.

Thanks to Marti Medar, Estonia took back the Guinness World Record in running a marathon while bouncing a baskeball (03:04:15).

New senior records

According to Marathon100.com, several new top results were achieved in several senior age categories. Although these do not count as national records, these active veterans at least deserve a special mention.

Most notably, 82-year-old Benno Viirandi completed the marathon in 6 hours 19 minutes and 80-year-old Jaan Mättas in 4 hours 36 minutes.

Other new record-holders include Ülo Tuur (70, in 3:55.34), Jüri Leesmäe (69, in 3:27:31), Ago Veilberg (52, in 2:45:24) and Tiina Tross (48, in 3:20:25), and several half marathon runners.

Editor: M. Oll